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Welcome to the Mindfulness for Singers (MfS) website. This site supports three research projects studying the effects of teaching mindfulness to musician students. 

The first research was an exploratory mixed-method study specifically for singers at the University of Leeds who took part in an 8-week Mindfulness for Singers (MfS) course. Read all about the MfS course using the links above. The findings have been disseminated through an article in the British Journal of Music Education’s entitled, “Mindfulness for Singers: The effects of a targeted mindfulness course on learning vocal technique”.

If you have problems accessing the above article, please contact us. 

The second research was a 2-year exploratory study utilising a variety of instrumental and singing students at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama who took part in one of four 8-week MBSR/MBCT courses adapted to music students. An article detailing the questionnaire and interview findings is currently being submitted for publication. 

The third research project was a replication of the mixed-methods Mindfulness for Singers study (the first research) over 2 years. It used a far more rigorous methodology: a teachers’ blind study, a controlled and randomised controlled design, anonymous diaries, and semi-structured longitudinal interviews. Participants were student singers and their teachers at Leeds College of Music and University of Leeds. An article to disseminate the findings is currently being written for submission.

If you would like to read in detail about the second and third research projects, please click here.

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