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Why Mindfulness for Singers?

Mindfulness to…..

help with learning

Singing lessons            

Learning technique, creativity, dealing with teacher and lesson pressure, self worry, inadequacy, dealing with criticism.

Singing technique     

Practical body sensation understanding – self awareness of physical sensations.

Singing Practice                     

Practicing singing technique, quality time management, creativity, words learning, memory of what teacher said, frustration, dealing with self criticism.

help with performing


Not running from them and having strategy to deal with them.

Primary and secondary suffering.

  • Types of primary suffering (tummy queasy/headache/sore throat/shakes etc)
  • Types of secondary suffering  (feelings of not worthy, emotion of fear etc)

On stage                     

Being aware in present moment to be creative.

Being aware of performers/conductor/props/audience.

Performing on stage – entry to flow state.


help with career stress and daily life


Networking/getting on with others/dealing with conductors and concert promoters and fixers and agents.

Stress and Anxiety        

Audition nerves, job related stress, paying bills.

Relaxation from intensity of job stresses.

Help with sleep/relaxation issues.

Dealing with critics comments, criticism, other singers.

Better immunity to colds and flu (see articles linked below)

Mindfulness is….

“... paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally. This kind of attention nurtures greater awareness, clarity, and acceptance of present-moment reality.” Jon Kabat Zinn.


Two types of awareness:

Focus  - Narrow awareness focused on one thing (concentration, attention)

Breadth - Broader/wider awareness (taking it all in as it’s happening, watching thoughts, emotions, feelings)

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