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MP3 Practice Library

Files playable directly from the internet

3 Minute Breathing Space - Prof. Mark Williams ( web link)

MfS Body Scan Introduction MP3 (1:43)

MfS Body Scan MP3 (8:56)

MfS Mindful Movement MP3 (9:45)

MfS Mindful Breathing Journey MP3 (12:30)

MfS Mindful Breathing Counting MP3 (9:57)

Sounds and Thoughts - Prof. Mark Williams (8:03) ( web link)

Sounds and Thoughts - Prof. Mark Williams MP3 (7.56)

Exploring Difficulties - Prof. Mark William MP3 (10:15)

Downloadable Files

3 Minute Breathing Space - Prof. Mark

MfS Body Scan Introduction (1:43)

MfS Body Scan (8:56)

MfS Mindful Movement (9:45)

MfS Mindful Breathing Journey (12:30)

MfS Mindful Breathing Counting (9:57)

Sounds and Thoughts (7:57)

Exploring Difficulties (10:08)


MfS Body Scan Long with relaxation music (15:04)

MfS Body Scan Long without music (14:49)


The 3 Minute Breathing Space and the Sounds and Thoughts meditations are freely available via and lodged here for ease of access for students. Exploring the Difficulties is lodged here temporarily (it’s freely available on YouTube or from the book accompanying the course). 

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