Pre-Mindfulness Course Induction


The pre-mindfulness course introduction includes information and some basic data gathering that is a pre-requisite to taking the course. This course is not a therapy and is designed for non-clinical participants. This doesn’t mean that those with clinically diagnosed mental health issues can’t join in but it is important that all participants consider their own mental health responsibly.

Those with clinical mental health diagnoses must consult with a trusted mental health professional before taking part.

Once enrolled.

Take a session a week at a time to suit you (2-3 videos each week)

Commit to 10 min practice each day at the best time for you

Complete tasks in the Log Book which accompanies the course. An accompanying research resource is also available.

If you are happy doing so, share and learn from experiences with others doing the course online.

Please be aware that Week 7 is a live online session which will need to be coordinated with others.

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