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MfS - Exploring difficulties - Week 6

Formal Practices

Practice the Exploring the Difficulties MP3

Practice for 10 minutes every day with a mind to helping deal with the performance nerves (or your own life’s difficulties, if you like ) this week.

Informal Practices

Keep up your informal practices and try to do at least one a day.

Mindful Walking

Mindful Listening

Mindful Eating

Be aware of some repetitive task (showering, cleaning etc)

Be aware of tasks being pleasant, unpleasant or neutral: How does this

affect your body?

Be playful! Be curious! Be inquisitive! Be aware. 

Performance preparation

Prepare a 5-ish minute song to sing unaccompanied next week. Explore nerves and get creative with performance!

• Nerves: Are they physical/mental or both?

• Accept them

• Name them and place them

• Breathing into the physical sensations

• Bring back focus to breathing

• Creativity: Be mindful in singing practice

• Find 4-5 ways of singing your song

• Be creative, playful, have fun!

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