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Mindfulness for Singers Jan-May 2017 - Information

Hiya!  Thanks for clicking on the link to see more information about the Mindfulness For Singers course and associated research. 

Please take time to read the essentials below - click here if you want to register to take part….

Want more in depth details? Click here.

The Essentials


The effects of a targeted mindfulness course on student singers: A longitudinal study.


I’m going to be running free Mindfulness for Singers courses from Jan-May 2017.

There are some researchy things to do and you get £20 or £4 as a thank you for taking part (see below).

Can I do it?

If you’re having singing lessons at the University of Leeds or a first-study singer at Leeds College of Music, then yes. Hop on board!


What’s the course then?

It takes 8 weeks and each session will be an hour long.  It’s based on the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction/Mindfulness Based Cognitive Reduction course but targeted towards singers. 


The classes will be held at the LCoM (for College singers) or UoL School of Music (for Uni singers) at a time/day to suit you (organised around your timetable). 

The Home Practice

There will be a home practice of a minimum of 15 minutes a day, preferably before singing lessons, singing practices or performances. It’s not tedious, it’s practical stuff to be done with an accompanying MP3. 


£20 or £4 for research - What do you mean?

Every singer having voice lessons at LCoM or UoL can do the mindfulness course. 

Everyone is invited to take part in the research but research participation level will depend on how many people sign up. If lots of people sign up this may be decided by lottery.  

The Full £20 Research Requirements

*  Obligatory consent form…yada yada

* Take part in at least 6/8 sessions of the MfS Course in Jan/March 2017

*  Diary: Anonymous. Please jot down your mindfulness experiences as they happen! 

*  Questionnaire:  2 anonymous questionnaires, one at the beginning of the course and another at the end (takes about 10 mins each).

*  Interviews:  2 interviews. 15-20 minutes. First straight after the course to find your personal experiences, second about 3 months later to see what, if any, are the longer effects (that’s the longitudinal bit).

*  I’d also like to ask your teacher to be part of the study in a ‘blind’ capacity. Let’s see if they can spot which of their students have learnt mindfulness!

The £4 Controls


*  Obligatory consent form…yada yada…

*  Questionnaire:  Complete 2 anonymous questionnaires online (takes about 10 mins each). Get £4

* Take part in the course.


*  same as above but NOT choose to do the course. Still get £4. 


Consent Form

Please read through the statements below. 

1.         I confirm that I have read and understand the information in the email above explaining the research project and I have had the opportunity to ask questions about the project.

2.         I agree for the data collected from me to be stored and used in relevant future research in an anonymised form and kept in archive at the University of Leeds.

3.         I understand that relevant sections of the data collected during the study, may be looked at by individuals from the University of Leeds or from regulatory authorities where it is relevant to my taking part in this research. I give permission for these individuals to have access to my records.

4.         I agree to take part in the above research project and will inform the lead researcher should my contact details change.

If you are happy with these 4 statements and the information in this email, please now fill in the Questionnaire. 


My personal stuff

Worry not…everything is anonymised at source (even the interview recordings) and any personal details are kept under the Copyright Protection act and stored on Uni secure servers. I can let you know the results of the project as well if you wish.

What if I want to pull out?

You can do that at any time and for no reason. 

I want to know more…!

Please click here for the long version of this participant information form with all the research aims, benefits, disadvantages and, just…well...everything passed by the Ethics board! 

You’re also welcome to email me with any questions/comments on or via this website.

THANKS FOR READING - I hope you join us!

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