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MfS - 3 Minute Breathing Space Instructions

Free download - click here for the 3 Minute Breathing Space MP3 from Professor Mark Williams from                                                                                         3 Stages of about a minute (or even a second) each

Now – Breathe – Expand


1.     Becoming aware (NOW)


Good posture. Close eyes (if poss)

Bring awareness to your inner experience.

Thoughts? (They’re just mental events and will change in time)

Feelings?  (Pleasant, unpleasant, accept them all, they are as they are right now)

Body Sensations?  (quickly scan the body for tension and stress – just be aware)


2.     Abdominal Breathing (BREATH)


Narrow the spotlight of your attention to the feeling of the abdominals moving whilst breathing.  This breath is your anchor.  The mind may wander – gently bring it back over and over to the feeling of the breath.


3.     Expand attention (EXPAND)


Expand the awareness of the breath and ‘breath into’ the thoughts, feelings and body sensations you found above.  Explore the sensations, be curious, befriend them.

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